What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a face-to-face "talk therapy" process intended to help you explore your emotions and how they impact on your daily life and relationships. It may touch on past experiences, childhood relationships or major landmarks in your life so far. The psychodynamic model focuses particularly on formative experiences and relationships and how they may have influenced your unique worldview, coping mechanisms and relationship style.

Psychotherapy is person-centered - meaning that it puts you in control. You are your own expert; the intention is not to give advice or answers but to enable you to find your own truth.

How does it work?

Psychotherapy gives you a private and unique space in which to explore your feelings and thoughts. This means that have the opportunity to explore and maybe revisit painful emotions and memories in a safe way with an experienced, trained therapist to help you. During this process the intention is that you will achieve the change you hope for.

Therapy is not about "reliving" experiences.  Even when talking about the past, you will always be working in the present. How long does it take? As long as you need.

Is it for me?

There's no such things as "too big" or "too small" in therapy; any issue you bring is treated with respect and in confidence. Its not about "mental illness" either; if you feel curious about yourself, it is for you. If you feel in more urgent need of help it is for you also. If you feel awkward or embarrassed about talking about yourself, it is for you. Therapy doesn't work for everyone but everyone is welcome.